Agile Restaurant Management

Our systems have been designed from the ground up by accountants with 25 years of restaurant-accountancy experience. From mom-and-pop restaurants, fast-food restaurants, fine-dining and fast growing restaurant franchises, our founders have full knowledge of what it takes to be in the restaurant business. ROS is agile and flexible and can help your restaurant extract the maximum value from your brand, data processes, assets, staff.

Our philosophy is that “your data is your data”, we don’t try to lock you in and block you from transferring or exporting data to other systems. We give our users multiple ways to bridge your diverse systems into a unified data repository, which gives restaurant managers a single-source-of-truth for all your systems and 3rd party partnerships.

ePOS Integration

  • ROS exports your ePOS orders and customer receipts, so you can analysis foot traffics and sales analytics
  • Our KPI dashboard shows staff metric and company KPIs for sales by location/region, highlights top/bottom performing menu items, staff sales leagues, month-on-month sales growth, and more
  • Product list, menu recipes are pulled from the ePOS system into ROS and used for Inventory management and stock taking of ingredients
  • Our inventory system keeps track of supplier product levels and maps these levels to menu ingredients measurements. ROS has AI models to predict inventory restock requirements, and you can enable automatically re-supply of supplier items on a Just-In-Time delivery strategy
    -ROS extracts other useful data from your ePOS and converts into actionable information for restaurant staff and managers
  • We download and analysis cash drawer openings and compare that with drawer cash floats on a regular basis. Optionally, we can synchronise with CCTV cameras to use AI to monitor staff handling of cash and valuable items. Talk to our sales representatives about fraud prevention and our security measures, we are here to help your specific restaurant requirements

ROS believes in a multi-channel sales strategy for restaurants and customers. We have designed our system to integrate with these channels in a no hassle user interface. No need for multiple tables and different user interfaces. Your staff can manage your restaurant sales channels from one simple user interface, no hassles, no time wasted, simple workflows

Delivery Integration

  • We partner with Deliverect, who provide a food delivery aggregator service that connects to leading 3rd party food delivery companies, like: UberEats, Deliveroo, EasyEats, GrubHub and more
  • We can integrate directly with UberEats, Deliveroo, EasyEats to analyse post-delivery incidences and payment reconciliation
  • ROS can connect with your own-brand delivery system, your on-line ordering ecommerce store, your in-store pickup service
  • Our data analytics can be customised to help you identify margins and profitably across these multiple sales channels. And help managers pin-point wastage and inefficient sales channels. Our analytics will allow you to improve your multi-channel sales offerings, so you can drive up profitability
  • We shining a light on payment discrepancy between you and your delivery companies
  • Our payment reconciliation connects with the main food delivery companies and pulls down all your restaurant orders, we then analysis customer amendments, cancelations, delays and complaints
  • On a weekly and monthly report we show delivery companies performance. This report evaluates which food delivery company is giving you better quality KPIs and help you negotiate commission rates.

Accounting Integration

Our restaurant-accountancy features are designed by accountants for accountants. Our founders know the pains of chasing paperwork and missing financial information. ROS eliminates that waste and streamlines all your accountants workflows

  • We synchronization your account data with the leading accountancy systems: Xero, Sage and Quickbooks
  • Your accountants will get special access to our ROS system, they will be able to export all the standard financial data required for financial reporting
  • All relevant paper documents are scanned into our ROS Cloud storage. We provide an easy to use mobile app that allows restaurant staff to photograph and upload invoices, purchase orders, receipts and relevant documentation. Your accountants won’t need to track down mis-placed paper

Payment Integration

  • ROS can integrate with your bank and credit card payment gateways to automate you cash-up process
  • We are negotiating with a number of banks and payment gateways, contact us to see if you bank and credit card gateway are in our partner programme

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